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Session work

Q-Tuner is a Dutch company that makes amazing pick-ups. They contacted me a few years ago to record some demos for them, and they were very cool to work for. The brief asked for lots and lots of notes, so this is what I provided! Click on the logo to listen.

I’ve also previously taken on jobs such as demoing foot pedals at the London Guitar Show, and would be happy to consider any future opportunities along these lines. Please feel free to email me, call/text me on 07916 172872, or send me a message via the contact form on this website to discuss your requirements.


I’ve played in bands since I was 13, and played my first gig at around this time (to approximately four people, but it still counts!). Since then, I’ve gigged and recorded with a number of bands – including performing at Download Festival with metal band Naked Flame (click on the logo to listen to our ep on Soundcloud) – and feel as at home playing live as I do in the studio. Now that I’m working in music full-time, undertaking more session work is certainly an ambition of mine.

Though they look like they would be more comfortable behind a desk in the IT department, don’t let that fool you. They’re exactly the kind of band that Download is about and sound like a punky version of Iron Maiden. Dave Thomas has the vocals of a lion, Adam Breeden and Ben Homer have the rhythm section down to a tee and guitarists Mark Jones and Ben Swanwick possess skills that can only be matched by that of wizards. [AR, Dead Press]

Solo recordings

Here are a few examples of my playing.

Disclaimer: I make no pretensions towards being a recording engineer, so these are very much home recordings!

This is my latest piece as of February 2020. It slowly involved from a riff I had on my 7-string Strandberg into an 11-minute epic.


This is a piece I wrote in September 2017. I was trying to write something technically challenging, but with lots of different themes and melodies.


I wrote this years ago, but was never happy with the recording, so I did it again.


This is an original song for my band, written in the style of 1980s Van Halen.


This is another track I wrote for my band, this time with a fretless guitar solo.


This piece features me messing about with both an 8-string guitar and a new Vigier guitar (excitement about the latter probably explains the number of solos).